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Top 10 Best Email Verification Services

Email marketing is a art, and it depends upon on validity of email database you have collected. How good are your products and how do you tell people or we can say how you advertise your product and service about them also matter.  There are so many spammers  are in the field of email marketing. Though nobody wants to go into a blacklist of spammers because of high number of bounced emails.

Now there is a big question around us, How do you check if emails are real? How do you check 1000 of them? Finger crossed  there is a big solution named– email verification service.

We have decided to do a service to you, email marketers by reviewing email verification companies and selecting the best email verification services list and our recommendation also.

Top 10 Best Email Verification Services with our Recommendation

1.Email Checker

Email Checker is a leader and we can say top in the marketplace, offering an incredibly accurate bulk list cleaning service, real-time verification and ESP integration with syntax, format, domain and mailbox checking, at every price point. It offers a user-friendly dashboard, a professional and experienced 24/7 support team and a 97% deliverability rate.

They also offer Catch-All Verification also and they are the only provider in the market place to offer this type of verification.

The service that claims to have been a pioneer in email verification and has over a decade of experience. One thing that proves it (well, several things actually) is a plenty of features and layers of verification. EmailChecker works as a cloud based platform, and its strong suit is B2B verifications.

2 .Xverify:

XVerify is the industry leader in the email verification space. They are one of very few providers you can call and speak with an email deliverability consult at any time. Considering they are located in the US and a long history of experience in the space, you will not find a more trusted provider to verify your emails. Think before potentially sending your data to a company you cant call and speak with someone.

XVerify has a drag-and-drop facility to simplify the process. You simply drag your email list, click upload and soon enough you are returned a fully verified email list. Invalid or role-based email addresses are shown separately so that you don’t use them again. You can purchase credits from a range of pricing options that begin at $5. They offer competitive, flexible deals for larger packages.

Furthermore, they claim an accuracy of over 98% across various email domains. Finally, their email validation process checks everything from the syntax to the last technical details and return you a cleaned mailing list that you can instantly use for your marketing campaigns.Finally, their email validation process checks everything from the syntax to the last technical details and return you a cleaned mailing list that you can instantly use for your marketing campaigns.Xverify is CERTIFIED in the EU-U.S. PRIVACY SHIELD FRAMEWORK and the SWISS-U.S. PRIVACY SHIELD FRAMEWORK. They make available DPA’s (Data Processing Addendum) to all clients who require them as part of their GDPR Compliance

Accuracy : Typically 98%
Speed: 1,000 email process typically under 3 minutes. 50,000 typically under 30 minutes. 300,000 emails typically under 2 hours.
Free Credits: Their website mentions Free List Assessment,
Price: Fees begin at $5 for 500 credits. The fees is $40 for 5,000 credits and $1,500 for 1,000,000 credits.

Click Here to Learn more about Xverify


ZeroBounce is a leading online email validation and verification system to ensure that companies sending complex and high volume email avoid deliverability issues. This is accomplished through the invalid email address and bounced email elimination, IP address validation, and verification of key recipient demographics. ZeroBounce is the best overall email verification service providerCheck out the ZeroBounce Guide to improve Deliverability and Inbox Rate. For developers, you can get all the guides and documents of ZeroBounce here.

Some of the great features of Zerobounce are given below.

  • 98%+ verification accuracy
  • Process 100,000 email addresses in under one hour
  • Free trial
  • Real-time verification through API
  • Email duplication removal
  • Catch-all account detection
  • Greylist checking
  • Spam trap removal
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Abuse/Spam Trap detection
  • Email Data Append
  • IP Information Append


ZingVerify is a website form integration that completes real-time email verification as your visitors type. This results in great user experience for your visitors, and high quality data for your marketing lists leading to improved campaign performance, deliverability and ROI.

ZingVerfy validates email addresses to benefit deliverability and open rates, as well as prevent bounce and improve ROI. It has a easy-to-use interface and support via chat for its customers.

ZingVerify is a quick, easy to use and reliable email verification service integrated with many reputable service providers.

Some of the best features that makes them to fit for this list are given below.

  • Detect mistyped email addresses
  • Mailbox level email verification
  • Reject disposable email addresses
  • Fairer pricing

For information on pricing please click here


Another US company with very promising 99% accuracy rate and 10x improvement of bounce rate. By the very name they emphasize the exact benefit they are selling. No software installation is required, just upload the list of any amount (up to 5 million addresses) and do the check. Pricing is flexible as expected, and there are 100 free email checks for those who want to try it out before purchasing. Integration into your website or app is also possible for Ruby, C#, Python and PHP solutions.


Verifalia is one of many trustworthy web-based email validation service that helps you clean up quickly your lists of email addresses. Being a cloud-based service, all you have to do is upload one or more addresses lists to validate and let Verifalia find invalid or not working ones. A detailed report will inform you about every bad email found.


This service does really start to verify beginning with those who sign up to their product – you need to confirm your identity with a Linkedin account after you’ve entered email. The verifier is neat and navigation is easy. Mostly drag-n-drop, and once you upload the list, you get a price quote for it depending on the number of records. Overall a good service, though pricing is in UK pounds. Their approach is 1 cent per 1 verification, or 0.75 GBP if you check not more than 250K addresses per month.

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